We are now the proud owners of our PDQ 34 “Magic”. Officially, we’ve been proud owners for 2 full days, even if she became gradually ours in the last few weeks. The long process that led us here started some 18 months ago, and we’ve had ample time to prepare ourselves. Everybody helped us, the boat was close to ready-to-go, Atlantic Yacht Basin is adding some finishing touches… Yet, do we fell relaxed and confident?

Not yet.

We run from family to friends to get a chance to say goodbye to all in person. We rush to store our belongings, to leave duplicate of our keys here and there, to settle our new status of full-time digital travelers with our banks, our doctors, our social security, our pension funds.

Once onboard, things should be easier: we have all the help we may need, purchasing and having things delivered works like a charm, we have already studied the charts and the navigation rules. Still, coming from France, the smallest endeavor means a new learning curve, and some more time: learning the boat’s systems, learning the proper vocabulary, getting connected (though the hell of comparing the carriers’ offers is familiar)… Of course, it’s an integral part of the adventure, a part that will keep our brain cells alive, and make us proud of what we’ll learn along the way.

So, we expect it will take us some time to relax, and we’re looking forward to a nice evening drink in a calm anchorage, watching the sun go down and the pelicans fly by, with not much left on our to-do list. And nothing urgent.