Our national elections were a scary moment. The results that just came out show that reason prevailed. We have avoided putting into first position a right-wing politician leader lost in ideologies of the past, xenophobist obsessions, and dreams of national grandeur. We may have demonstrated that our country leans heavily towards conservatism, and is too tolerant towards corrupt professional politicians. But we’ve also proved that a wind of modernism is blowing, that the old dominant political parties do not own the show anymore.

Many of us do not share all the views of the future President. We will inevitably be disappointed when he does not follow our own preferences. But he is young and experienced at the same time. Within a year, he relegated the old parties into the past, and opened a window of opportunity to a new class of politicians. He has demonstrated a remarkable talent which, with some luck, led him to an equally remarkable success. He will be facing difficult times in the coming months or years, and he deserves our goodwill. And despite its many defaults and anachronisms, our old country deserves our affection and our respect.