“Hello Bill ! I have a pretty urgent question : we are about to anchor and I don’t find the remote of the windlass.”

bill-640Bill can answer any of our questions. He knows our boat by heart. And there is no wonder as Bill is the previous owner of Magic. On top of that, Bill is always available for us : he is our ***** Hotline.

The first time we met Bill was in August during the survey of the boat. We were struck by the excellence of his maintenance. Once we had purchased the boat and were preparing her, we discovered his kindness, his patience and his generosity.

Who was first to call us the morning after Hurricane Matthew hit the coast of Virginia to check everything was fine with us ? Bill.

Who was patient enough to repeat the instructions of the fridge to me, three times ? Bill.

Who gave us his boat binoculars and all the very many spares he had kept ? Bill.

Who prepared a day by day itineray to Florida for us, with recommended anchorages and marinas ? Bill.

Who offered to keep an eye on Magic when she will be left in Florida while we fly home at the end of the year ? Bill again.

Now guess whom we call first, when all lines cleared, we have just finished our first navigation ? Bill.

And whom do we tell the details of our first successful anchorage ? Bill of course !

Bill has not totally left his boat. He travels with us in spirit and we are happy because Bill is our friend.

Thank you, Bill !