Nelly, Jacques and their PDQ34 "Magic"

Survey Time

p1000050Chesapeake, VA, Sept. 25. We arrive at Atlantic Yacht Basin a little jet-lagged, but eager to start the survey of Bill’s power cat Beach Magic. The boat has already been hauled out, and we start right away.

caplanieratworkThe whole process is supervised by Cpt. Frank Lanier, surveyor-in-chief. We have also required that the engines be examined and tested by Ken Moore, our diesel engine guru.

nellyatthewheelWhen the boat is hauled back into the water, we go out for a round of sea-trials – in fact river-trials.We even get a chance to try our hands at the helm.

Back to the dock, we spend the main part of the day going into all sorts of tests and questions to Bill, and I try to follow Frank closely to listen to every one of the observations he volunteers.

For the time being, we have to fly back to France, where we’ll wait for the oil analysis of the three engines and the surveyor’s formal reports. But their general feeling is very encouraging. They are particularly impressed by the way Beach Magic’s owner Bill tracked his maintenance and improvement activities.


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