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Yet another blog?

We started preparing for our Loop sometime in May 2015. Of course, our first source of information was the great website of the AGLCA, the America’s Great Loop Cruiser’s Association. And immediately we found dozens of blogs published and maintained by cruisers of all origins and cruising on all kinds of boats, an invaluable source of information. And we thought: “Why not us?”.

Today, we find ourselves having talked (a lot!) to family and friends, and as we all realized that we are preparing to be away for many months at a time, they often asked: “How are we going to know where you are? Do you plan to run a blog? You have to find a way to let us keep connected somehow!”.

norfolk-groupeAs we attended the May, 2016 AGLCA Rendezvous in Norfolk, VA, as we visited boats and talked to their owners, we were asked repeatedly: “Do you have a blog so that we can follow your progress, and maybe get together with you somewhere along the way?”.

It looks as if we’ve only two months left before we get on board our Loop boat, and it’s time we start our blog. It is very much a work in progress, and it will stay that way in the future. We don’t know who will be our “followers”, and in doubt we have chosen to mostly write in English, as our American readers would be more embarrassed with our French than our family will be with an American blog. We’ll do our best to make ourselves understood, but bear with us!

And now, let’s go!


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  1. Armelle

    Hello sailors !!!
    Nous sommes très très heureux de pouvoir suivre votre aventure depuis l’outre Atlantique, et de voir que ni les paperasseries ni les ouragans n’ont réussi à se mettre en travers de votre route 🙂
    Juste une question : je vois qu’en dehors de ce post, les commentaires de tous les autres sont fermés : est-ce volontaire ? si ce n’est pas le cas, je serai ravie d’aller vous faire des petits coucou au fil de vos billets.
    So long !

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